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If you want to know the fundamentals of construction law for each step of a construction project,

where and when you want to and at your own pace,


this is for you.

A to Z Construction Law is made up of three resources:

Together, they provide a sound introduction to construction law to those who are new to the area or wish to refresh their knowledge.

Wayne Lord is the author.

The Suite

A series of audio/visual presentations which interweave relevant case law with relevant statutes and relevant contract terms for each topic area.

The Dictionary

A reference of commonly used terms in construction relevant to lawyers and construction practitioners.

The Cases

A compendium of relevant case law with concise descriptions, principles and outcomes, and further links to the full case transcript (where publicly available).

Why A to Z Construction Law?


The on-demand resources are designed for lawyers and construction professionals and should provide a solid grounding to the legal, statutory, and contractual framework for construction projects.


They are especially useful for anyone specialising in construction law, construction undergraduates, and for anyone from a property, engineering or construction industry background wishing to learn more about this exciting area of law.

The suite can be viewed sequentially from project conception through to completion but, because all the resources are standalone, they can be dipped into at leisure.


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